Dog Daycare

Sure you love to travel and that whenever you can you do it with your pet, is not it? The point is that you can not always go with your pet and you have to have a place to leave it. If you’re lucky, a friend or family member can take care of your best friend for a few days, those of you who are out, but not everyone is counting on it. So, it is okay to opt for a dog daycare that is responsible for pampering and caring for your pet during those days.

Choosing a dog daycare is not a simple choice, and it is normal for you to feel a little hesitant about doing so. We want to advise you in the search for dog daycare, so you will be sure that your dog is in good hands.

What is a dog daycare?

The first thing you should know is what exactly is a dog daycare. Sure you’re used to hearing the term daycare about young children, but a dog daycare is not the same. Daycare for dogs is a temporary shelter, something like a residence for dogs, not a space to take the dog a few hours a day.

At the time of leaving the can in a dog daycare, you will have to make sure that the services are of quality. You do not want to go to a wedding, for example, and think that your dog is poorly looked after, is not it? Therefore you should analyze very well the dog residence you have chosen before leaving your best friend. If it does not convince you, change it.

What a good dog daycare should offer

You must bear in mind that dogs are susceptible to sudden changes, so you have to be very careful when taking them to a doghouse. You must study the following aspects to ensure the comfort of your dog:

Qualified staff to take care of dogs

That someone likes animals does not mean that they can take care of them properly. That is why we recommend that you go to a center that has a qualified staff to take care of the dogs. Educators, veterinarians, assistants, all of them are trained to offer the dog a pleasant stay. A person who does not know how to treat him under these circumstances could lead him to an unwanted stress situation.

Fit food

Although the most common is that they ask you for the food that your dog usually takes, in some other dog daycare they prefer to put their feed. If this happnes, make sure you are offered the same feed or one with the same characteristics as the one you usually eat at home. Changing the feeding of an animal from one day to the next is not beneficial, especially if days later it returns to its daily routine.

If the canine residence you are investigating does not ask you about the type of food your dog takes, discard it and look for another one. It will be best for both you and your four-legged friend.

Spacious rooms and fluffy beds

As a general rule, the temporary reception center is usually visited before leaving the dog to be able to see the facilities in the first person. Make sure on this visit that the rooms are spacious and that the beds they use are fluffy and separate from the floor, just like at home. It is the only way to guarantee excellent comfort to dogs.

Ample space on the outside

The dog daycare centers must have a large area outside so that they can run and play without stopping, and it is an essential requirement so that the dog does not feel stress during that period. Besides, it is also necessary for caregivers to go outside several times a day with the animals so that they do not feel locked up.

This last one is significant. It is not enough to have ample space outside; they must also go out for walks and relieve themselves in another environment. Ask without any modesty about the outings that dog daycare makes abroad.

Veterinary service

Another of the essential services in a daycare or dog residence is the veterinary service. You never know when a dog will need specialized medical care, much less in a house where many different dogs live together.

The fact of having a veterinarian inside the dog daycare center is not only a point in their favor, but it is something fundamental that all must have an offer to the clients.

Not all dogs can be in a dog daycare

As we have said, sudden changes in routine can alter the animal, and that is why not all dogs can stay for a few days in a dog daycare, especially those that are older or do not relate properly with other dogs.

In those cases, in addition to hiring a trainer to improve the social skills of the dog, it is best to opt for a kangaroo. There are many applications today that put you in contact with caregivers of private dogs, so you will be surer that your dog receives the right treatment for your situation.

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