Caregivers of dogs, residences and hotels

Dog carers, where to find them and what do they offer?

With the rise of the internet, we have seen how the concept of the dog caretaker was changed. Before this, the most frequent option at the time of leaving was to leave our pet to a relative or “neighbor next door.” Today the most many alternatives are found on the internet. To discover what services there are, we can enter the website of Dogbuddy.

Dogbuddy website offers personalized services for the care of our pets, such as housing, keepers of dogs, dog care and walks. A page where caregivers and owners can communicate continuously. Our dog will be attended 24 hours. The only disadvantage is that their services are not offered in all municipalities since the treatment is personalized and of quality, telling the owners the excellent experience of their pets. It also offers different prices depending on the service provided, and also depending on the city in which we reside (between 14 and 20 euros per night).

Hotels that allow dogs, another good option

Those who wish to explore with their dog should know that there are hotels where pets are allowed to stay. This modality is also increasingly widespread. In several websites that will enable hotels with dogs, we will find about 32 thousand hotels where we are allowed to stay with our pet with an economical price that ranges between 5 and 20 euros per night. This supplement for pets imposes restrictions on the weight and size of the dog and is applied according to the number of dogs that accompany us.

Apparently, in those luxury hotels where the owner pays more than 300 euros per night, it is logical that we apply a rate also expensive (about 60 euros) for our dog since luxury is also for them.
Another exciting website where we can enjoy our vacations in hotels that do not impose any supplement to bring our pet would be the web Hotels Dogs In it we will find hotels that allow dogs throughout the national geography.

Canine residences, advantages, and disadvantages that pose us

But what about other owners forced to leave their “four-legged friend” for an emergency? Well, for all of these, we still have the option of going it with a caregiver, as I mentioned earlier, or in a doghouse.

Canine residences currently lose track number. What is the reason ?. Although a canine house costs us 10 euros per night and being more economical than the caretakers, these lose followers, since in some our animals are grouped in cages. These reasons cause the dissatisfaction of many owners with residences.

It is true that all residences are not the same, but canine houses generally offer veterinary care, contact with other animals of their species, walks, and meals. This suggests that according to the behavior of each dog, we must decide if it is better to go to more personal care with a caregiver, or more generally in residence.

To understand which option is the best to take care of our dog, I would pose the following questions to the owner of the animal: How will the animal feel more comfortable? Does your dog need constant attention? Can your dog sleep peacefully in a cage? Will he behave well interacting with many animals while an outside carer takes care of everyone?

The price of these residences is not a problem, although surprisingly until recently it was considered an exclusive service, today it is to many.

Both on the internet and television, I have found that there are different types of residences and that there are luxury ones. Two of the most luxurious can be located in Marbella and Madrid. In them, the prices vary between 14 and 20 euros per night. In the case of the residence of Marbella, our pets will enjoy every detail, since they will sleep in scented dog beds in relaxing aromas, while they will be able to enjoy from massages to walks on the beach.

As an inconvenience, I must add that even though there are more dogs to play within the dog houses, the dogs are supervised for a group of approximately ten dogs, a less individual treatment than that of the personal caregiver in his own home.

My conclusion

Finally, I conclude that taking into account the advantages and disadvantages posed by both houses – hotels for dogs and personal caregivers, the most important thing is always that our dog receives us happy, safe and with all the affection of the world. Also, if the experience is good, it can still be repeated when required.

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