Dog walker

It is increasingly common to need to look for a person to walk our dog. Due to the high demand that is made every day of walkers and dog carers, numerous websites have emerged in which people are offered to walk your dog during the day. They even provide accommodation for your pet in case … Continued

Caregivers of dogs, residences and hotels

Dog carers, where to find them and what do they offer? With the rise of the internet, we have seen how the concept of the dog caretaker was changed. Before this, the most frequent option at the time of leaving was to leave our pet to a relative or “neighbor next door.” Today the most … Continued

Dog Daycare

Sure you love to travel and that whenever you can you do it with your pet, is not it? The point is that you can not always go with your pet and you have to have a place to leave it. If you’re lucky, a friend or family member can take care of your best … Continued