All About Raleigh Dog Daycare – Why Us?

Decades of Cumulative Experience with Dogs of All Types

After decades of working in various capacities within the pet care industry, we decided to start Doggy Care Raleigh, to offer a full menu of services and back it up with amazing customer service.

We decided to devise a list of services based on these three things: 1.) Bring value to the process 2.) Provide benefits to owners and dogs and 3.) Work within our skill sets.

By working with Doggy Care Raleigh, you and your dogs can reap all of these wonderful byproducts:

Benefits of puppy visits:

  • Let us be the ones to take excellent care of your best friend.Maintain a routine of feeding and potty times
  • Enables your puppy to learn commands by using positive reinforcement
  • Give your dog daily exercise to stay fit and burn off surplus energy
  • Obtain the social interaction and attention they want and need
  • Becoming an excellent and highly responsible member of your pack

Benefits of Doggie Day Care Raleigh private dog walks:

  • Keeps your dog’s weight under control
  • Alleviate anxiety and other assorted common behavior problems
  • Ease health-related issues
  • Assist your dog to be more calm

Benefits of group off-leash adventures:

  • With up to four, pre-screened, well-matched playmates to escort your dog on their adventure to a nearby outdoor space
  • We allow your dog to run, jump, sniff and play under our qualified sitter’s watchful eye
  • Your pup will come back home well-socialized and “dog tired” after a day of frolic and good times!

Benefits of Dog Day Care  Raleigh visits:

  • We’ll provide your dog with the love and attention they covet
  • Come home to a spotless house with unspoiled carpets or floors
  • We’ll make certain that your dog has sufficient food and water (and treats if approved)

Benefits of doggy visit playtime:

  • Your best friend deserves the best care with Raleigh Dog DogcareKeep your dog’s weight under control
  • Reduce or even completely eliminate anxiety and other commonplace behavior problems
  • Keep your dog engaged and active when you’re not home

Benefits of “almost” overnight dog sitting:

  • Enabling dogs to adhere to their standard routine of exercise, feeding, fetch and playtime in the safety and comfort of their home setting
  • Home care and dog cleanup will always also be provided
  • Your will always dogs receive 100% unconditional love and attention they yearn for day and night

Benefits of dog boarding:

  • Provides a safe and loving “free range” home environment
  • A well-matched sitter and other selected furry friends to make sure that all of your dog’s needs are well-met
  • Includes daily walks, feeding and several different forms exercise
  • Sitter updates and texts letting you know how your dog is doing

Benefits of in-home overnight sitting:

  • Your dog will bypass the emotional and physical stress associated with being in a kennel, boarding facility or a dog hotel
  • 12 hours of fun times and compassionate care
  • If you prefer, our sitter will care for your home and feed, water and clean up after your pooch, mutt or purebred
  • Keep your dog on its normal daily routine